This will be a for-profit / non-profit hybrid org.
Equilibria Enterprises LLC (for-profit) will own and maintain the website and receive all commercial income (link associations, app downloads etc.).
Gather for Change Inc. (non-profit) will be formed and it will own the majority shares of Equilibria Enterprises. Gather for Change will receive all monthly membership donation income and pass it through to non-profit organizations.

We think this is an efficient structure for possible future website sale options and has an overall low tax liability.

1. The site will be free for all with limited features. When a user wants a full member account they will either, meet a minimum monthly site interaction quota (this will grow site content) or make an automatic micro payment/donation ($2) to the non-profit side of the site. This pool of donations will then pass to Equilibria and other partner organizations. We think that users will be more inclined to use the site and commit to a member account knowing that their fee is a donation to meaningful non-profit projects.
Website Member Donation Projections Key
100,000 Members = $2.4 Million in Annual Funding
500,000 Members = $12Million in Annual Funding
800,000 Members = $20Million in Annual Funding

All other forms of income will be reinvested to maintain and grow the site.
2. Association income:
Media providers such as Amazon, ITunes, etc. etc. pay a percentage of user purchases if said user got to them from our link. (Possible similar approach for online food stores)

3. Mobil device app download income.

4. Possible licensing to media box manufacturers.


Below are links to existing Equilibria Partners/Supporters:

Agnew Beck (Premier Alaskan Consulting Firm)

ACF (Primary Endowment Management Org for Alaska) (Manages Ionia's Endowment)

UAA (Technical Partner... Currently working on building a beta version of the website)

AMHTA (Is making the initial exploratory funding investments for Equilibria)